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Things To Know about Partying in Vegas

 Partying in Vegas is like nowhere else in the world. But there's some important things to know. Every night Monday to Sunday there will be over 25 000 people looking for some sort of night spot pool or lounge to kick back or kick their heels. Because of the amount of people it's important to know some of the rules and etiquette to make sure you have the best experience possible.


Dress codes - these can vary but for nightclubs it's best to be safe rather than sorry. For guys always look sharp. Collared shirts, dress shoes, but jeans are okay. For ladies, look your best! 

For pool attire it's best to wear bathing suits i.e. for guys Beach shorts in running shoes t-shirts are sleeveless are okay. No long sleeve, hoods, or pants allowed.

Timing - often on Fridays and especially if a big DJ's playing the lineups will start before the club even opens. We always suggest getting there early especially if you're in a group.

p.s When you have bottle service it's okay to show up at a later time and the line will be substantially shorter than the regular or VIP line 


Guys and girls -  sorry guys it's a lady's world on the Las Vegas Strip. If you're in a group depending on the mix of guys and girls the price to get in as well as where you'll be in a lineup will be determined by your ratio. We always recommend all guy or mostly guy groups to do VIP with bottles as you'll spend just as much money at the bar buying drinks as you would if you got a bottle. Except you won't have to wait in line to get drinks and you'll have your own server.  

How VIP actually works in Vegas

  If you're getting confused between VIP and bottle service, we don't blame you. That's because they're 2 different things. Everybody uses the term VIP in Vegas for just about everything. But the reality is when somebody gives you a VIP pass expect to wait in line and pay possibly a reduced fee. The truth is there isn't any real way to be VIP except getting bottle service. You'll have your own server a much shorter wait time in line and your group will truly feel like they are VIP.

Bottle service can be confusing so we'll make sure to make it clear and you know exactly what you're getting.

How VIP actually works in Vegas

How to get the best Bottle Service

In Vegas, it's all about who you know. And now you know us.


There's only so many tables that can be sold in one night at a club. And who wants to party in the back of the club?  If it's a busy night with a high profile DJ you can expect the best tables to go quickly.  And the top promoters get the best tables first in the club. SO if you try to book online, don't expect to get the premium spots. Luckily for you we know all the main people so we can get you the best tables in the best spot.

How much is Bottle Service?

 Think of buying bottle service like buying an airline ticket. There's a lot of factors involved. It'll depend on the club, the DJ, good night, and where the table is in the club. Often we can get you an extra bottle if the date and time is right. So there's a huge range. In lower tiered clubs bottle service starts at $400 plus tip out. Most clubs start at around $600 plus tip out. And of course sky's the limit, some tables go for over 20k!

Bottles, VIP and how you might get ripped off

When it comes to bottle service pricing can get really confusing. There's buy-one-get-one, tip outs, minimums, and more. It's very easy for you to end up spending a lot more than you expected because the pricing wasn't clearly explain to you when you made the purchase. When you work with us that won't happen will ensure you get what you pay for and will not have any unexpected pricing on the bill.  We can easily save you hundreds if not more.

Limos vs Uber vs Taxis

When it comes to Las Vegas everything's bigger and busier. You've only got a few hours in the night to party so you want to make the best of it. So if you want something quick and you're in a small group Uber's the way to go. But it might be hard for you to find out the pickup spot and if you're going out early enough there shouldn't be a lineup for taxis so that might be your better choice.

But when it comes to the best party experience ever it's hard to beat a limo. If you're in a group of four or more nothing beats starting to party before you get to the party in Vegas has the best limos to do this in the world. They seat anywhere from 6 to 36. You can get luxuries like big screens, high powered audio with amazing music, and of course having drinks waiting for you.

Nothing beats a good limo driver host to start your night right he or she to not only give you some great tips but will also act as a party and tour guide for your brief trip. Well worth it to make this part of your party experience.

Here at iPartyinVegas we've driven with dozens of drivers, we'll make sure to connect you with only the best!